How to wear a skirt- help!


For this blog I’d like to have your help. I don’t want to write a blog about how to wear a skirt, I want the opposite, I need your help, I am looking for advice. My problem is that I always finish with several skirts in my wardrobe and at the end I never wore them or I did but I always finish wearing with the same top, same shoes, same bags…….. Boring! I need more ideas, I need your ideas.

Let’s do something different here, I will start with 3 skirts I already have and I will show you the way I usually wear them and then we can discuss other possible looks. I’d like to know if you like it or nor, or if you have other better ideas.

Here is the first one. I think  I bought it 2 years ago, and it’s Manoush, a French brand that I mention it already in one of my previous blogs. I like a lot the colors and  the mix of patterns, I love it!!!

IMG_0058 IMG_0052

I have already worn it few times and I have 2 possible looks depending on the season. Usually I wear it in Autumn-Spring time. Here, the  looks:

-with a denim shirt


-with a high neck pullover


Usually, I don’t wear it in winter because I don’t have any jacket or coat to combine it and I don’t know how. Maybe with a fur gilet will look nice. Any help here? The bag is Antik Batik a french brand that j’adore!



Depending on the weather I combine with sandals or ankle boots, these are from the Italian brand Ash.



This one is from ZARA, I bought many years ago and still I wear it every winter and I think I will for many more years, the snake pattern will never be out of fashion. Usually I combine with different black tops, this one is from Carol, and black tights. Bag Antik Batik.



Any other suggestions?


I combine with 2 different ankle boots (Mango and Ash).



More ideas?

The third one is from H&M. I think cost me only 20 euros! And everybody loves it. At the moment I’m wearing it with a simple basic beige t-shirt  or high neck pullover, both from ZARA.


I’m planning to use it for summer nights but still I don’t know how I will do it. The necklace is from Follie-follie.



And this’s it for the moment. I’m waiting for your comments, ideas, suggestions…. and I will continue working in the second part of this blog.

I hope you like it.

A la prochaine!









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