Glamour in Monaco

Last Saturday took place the 61st Rose Ball at the Sporting Monte-Carlo, in aid of the Princess Grace Foundation. For this year, Karl Lagerfeld re-created an Art Deco theme with Floral Decoration for the tables, and retro photos and a big mural with geometric floral figures were decorating the entrance of hall.



The absence of Charlène and Charlotte’s large dress generated a lot of different rumors and gossips at the Rose Ball but this is not important here, let’s check the  looks!!



Princess Caroline. Carolina chose a white silk dress signed by Karl Lagarfeld, also present at the event. Although the design was spectacular, the best was the tiara that she used as a necklace.


bailerosa10--a bailerosa9--a

Charlotte Casiraghi, wearing a dress from Chanel. I think this pink and black dress was no the best choice for her……it makes her look older but I like her hair and make up, anyway she is beautiful, doesn’t matter what she wears!



Beatrice Borromeo was spectacular with this  Giorgio Armani, Beatrice compatriot and close friend of the family. The future wife of Pierre Casiraghi also wore an amazing white gold and diamonds snake necklace.


Karl Lagerfeld as usual wearing black trousers, a black suit jacket and his trademark sunglasses.


Lily Allen, like a rose providing the evening’s musical entertainment.



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