Trench for rain

If there is something I don’t like about the spring is the rain. The temperature is rising, you are happy because it’s getting  warmer; you think that you left  winter behind and you don’t want to see more  winter clothes again and then…the rain starts. And today, what am I going to wear?

Well, this is the perfect time to take your trench coat out of the wardrobe and if you don’t have one, it’s the time to go shopping!



It’s kind of depressing, you have few  sunny days and then the rain is back. Well, it’s the perfect excuse to leave your house to  find your trench coat:



 Ba&Sh 450€



 Sandro 345€



NAF NAF 69,99€



 Caroll 159€ 


zara 2 t

 ZARA 59.95€


zara t

ZARA 79.95€  


Mine is a RED Valentino trench coat. You can find a similar one here: Valentino

Burberry Hat

What are you doing when is raining?




8 thoughts on “Trench for rain

  1. I actually remember being so angry one day cause it was cold but looked hot and I was just like what the hell do u expect me to wear in this country 😂😂😂


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