Yes! Low cost at the MET Gala

This week everybody is talking a lot about the Met Gala: who was the best and who was the worst dressed, who went almost naked (tough competition), if it was political correct or not …I’m sure you already saw all the photos and you have you favorite one.

I saw the photos as well and I was disappointed with some of them because they didn’t make any effort to follow the protocol and I think they were missing the point of the Gala. Every year the theme of the Gala is different and this one it was about China. Maybe because they were afraid of feeling ridiculous (not the case of Rihanna) or being criticized, or not looking perfect; they dressed as they went to another Red Carpet,  they didn’t risk, sad.

I’m not going to discuss here if it was totally correct what others wore, …for sure it was full stereotypes. I’m sure if next year the theme is about Spain,  we will see all the women wearing flamenco dresses and all men like bullfighter. I’m from North Spain and there we don’t  wear dot flamenco dresses, we don’t carry a rose behind the ear and we don’t  dance Flamenco. But I’m wondering what Rihanna will wear if that happen!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker was my favorite, she got it right because she risked, she was dressed according the theme of the Gala and what it’s most important, she understood that this Red Carpet is a different one; and for one day you can be more unique, adventurous and imaginative.



For one day, no need to show your best Dior or Chanel haute couture look.


Another positive point: The dress was produced with organic materials from the Swedish retailer’s Conscious collection. So you can be Glamorous and green at the same time.

And the best: I saw many dresses from H&M and Topshop!!!! Lesson to learn: you can dress well without spending a fortune.


Vanessa Hudgens was also wearing a H&M dress.


And models Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, and Joséphine de La Baume chose to dress Topshop.

models topshop


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