No with these shoes

I start this blog with a question: Would you buy any of these shoes?

The first ones are called “Medusa Flower” sandals and they cost 473 euros. OK, the flowers are nice but the rest is just plastic! Also they remind me these summer sandals I was wearing when I was child and I hated them because my feet always finished with blisters, luckily one summer I lost them (maybe because “accidently” I left them very close to the sea…) and my mom never bought them again.


Next ones: SCOOBYDOO INFRABIJOUX, very nice name. As bijoux I liked them but not as shoes. They are cheaper than the other ones, 195 euros, they look very comfy but I’m terrified with the sole! These colors!!! My eyes!! It’s a NO for me.


It’s only me that I think that nobody should wear these shoes?????



4 thoughts on “No with these shoes

  1. That’s okay! Haha me too! Honestly in my area most girls would be jumping at the chance to wear those shoes 😂🙈 it’s like a competition of the tackiest hahaha


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