News from Cannes


I cannot wait until the end of this festival to share some of my favorites moments. It’s one of the most glamorous film festivals of the year and I’m following all the looks  every day. It’s hard to decide which look is my favorite, so many! and so good! Jane Fonda was spectacular in a Versace blue dress and she is 77! But so far Karlie Kloss is one of my favorites.


This is my photo selection from Cannes festival.


image image image image image  image image image image image image  image image image image image image image image image image image image imagecvv

And the best looks so far……

cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_499242858_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_598480996_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_541868010_428x  cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_199098166_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_950525064_428x

imageimage image image


imageimageimageimage image image image image  image

cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_21946345_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_188861013_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_254940512_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_347829992_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_490444624_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_586959129_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_588229791_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_853665065_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_944348179_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_959465315_428x cannes_2015_alfombra_roja_vestidos_apertura_995254202_428x

Who is your favorite? and it’s not finished yet, there is more coming!!!

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