My weekend in Lyon

Hi again,

I spent the last weekend in Lyon. I didn’t read anything about this city, I didn’t look for any information or photos before the trip so I didn’t have any expectations, I went with eyes open and I got very good vibrations. It’s a city with many contrasts, different quarters, strong gastronomic culture and lot of history. I didn’t have time to visit all the districts, I stayed in the Vieux Lyon (the city’s oldest district) and I just walked all around this area.


The first thing was to find our B&B and a free parking in the old city! Mission impossible!! Luckily we found the last free parking space close to our B&B. We also found the address of our B&B but …….is it correct? I could not find any signs or anything that indicated that was a B&B and the entrance looked a bit scary.


We walked in, last floor without elevator (good leg exercise) and Olala!!! It is amazing!! I didn’t expected this!!!


Let’s have a quite look around the city and have dinner somewhere, I’m starving!


Next day:

Time to explore a bit more the city:

First, we found several open air food markets, this one was in Quai Saint-Antoine.

More info:



The whole city smells roses,  this year is the rose festival,  you will find roses in every square and everywhere! Every single bakery in Lyon  was outstanding.



Also I had a bit of time for shopping!


At night we went to La Chimere restaurant that it was recommended by previous guesses of our B&B.


And last day! I found the La Fresque de la Bibliothèque de la Cite.

Lyon is one of Europe’s most famous mural cities.


look at the first photo, no real! , it’s all paint!!!

Other recommended restaurants:


Where to sleep:


Les Lunettes de Marius

Fresh & Vintage

Pop and shoes


Les Trouvailles d’Helene

Les pin-up de Marc Curial

My outfits for the weekend:

Dresses: Manoush, Antik Batik

Shoes: Zadig & Voltaire, Havaianas

I liked Lyon , I think I will go back soon.  I hope you enjoy! What do you think about Lyon?



4 thoughts on “My weekend in Lyon

  1. Where is it, or silly question lol I really would love to travel more I have been abroad just twice… It’s great I have been I guess but I want to go to more places!

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