Summer concert in Sete

Yesterday I was one of the lucky ones to be in the first concert at Fiest’A Sete.

sete-2 sete-3


The French-Cuban-Venezuelan duo, Ibeyi (it means “twins” in Yoruba language) started this festival transmitting their Spiritual Energy. Ibeyi combines electronic, soul, gospel and hip-hop, jazz and chants of their ancestors, all mix with powerful voices. Also in their lyrics they mix English with Yoruba (a Nigerian language) that they transported us to trance.






The night continued with Yael Naim, France-Israel singer. Her songs have a bit of jazz-folk influence, but for me it was amazing how easy she could change her voice from soft and delicate to rough and powerful.


She started quite but at the end of the night the whole audience stand up to dance with her, at same point she also left  the stage to dance with everybody shouting “leave me see your faces”.

I was a magic night, fantastic location: theatre de la mer (the theater of the sea), “almost” full moon night and amazing music. Even I almost forgot the pain of my feet; I was wearing the Zara Gladiator sandals for first time and they were so tied that they were cutting my blood circulation. What we do for fashion!!


It’s ok today I still can walk, don’t worry 😉

Anyway, you can see the video from last night in the webpage:



Looking for the next summer concert, and you? Are you going or did you go to any concert this summer?




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