Only for men

Today I wrote this post is for men, well, also for women, of course! I mean this post is called “only for men” because is about men’s summer shoes. The idea of writing this post came when one evening  I was talking with one of my friends and he asked me what type of summer shoes he should wear to go to work. This summer is being very hot and he didn’t want to wear the classic closed-laced shoes everyday.
The issue is that he works in an office so he can’t go to receive his clients in havaianas or any type of shoes. First, I advised him to ask his colleagues or boss if they have any dress code, then we will know what the options are. Apparently, they don’t have any strict code  as far you don’t go with flip-flops, so problem solves!

I gave him some ideas, here is the list I did for him, maybe it can help you as well:

Boat shoes: they are the classic summer shoes. You can find them in any color, in any brand, or at any shop in the world. Always fashion!

boat shoesboat shoes-2

QUODDY 195 euros


Driving shoes or moccasin, very easy to put them on and you can find them in a wide variety of colors and materials. Also I’m learning a lot of new shoe terminology with this post….


drivind shoes

TOD’S 410 euros



BOBBIES 115 euros



driving shoe Gucci

Gucci 259,29 euros

Baskets. Everybody should have at least a pair of baskets!


Converse 64,99 euros


gola baskets

Gola 84,99 euros


Espadrilles. Perfect with shorts or chinos.


CASTAÑER 80 euros



Superdry 12,40 euros




-Slip-on sneakers. Functional shoes and very comfy, find them in any print. I like the ones with the bandana print, the trend of the year.



VANS 70 euros



TOMS 49,95 euros




RIVIERAS 55 euros


Sandals. To go to work I will go for leather sandals rather than Birkenstocks, but I like both. I have my pair of Birkenstocks and I’m very happy with them, they are super comfy, not so “ugly shoe” for me.






Birkenstocks 24,90 euros


Very important: take care of your feet and keep your nails healthy,  pedicure is not only for women. Read this article:

At the end this post it’s not only for men cause women also can wear the same type of shoes. I hope that my list helps you.  What is your favorites one?

Enjoy your shoes! and have a nice weekend.




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