welcome to the island of Beauty

I really recommend everybody to go to Corsica. It’s indeed  the “island of beauty” as it’s called

I have been in many other islands in the Mediterranean sea but the contrast of spectacular beaches, cliffs carved into bizarre shapes and high mountains; make Corsica a unique place in the world.

DSCF5020 DSCF4975

Our first destination was Calvi!.  Driving along the coast we discovered  amazing beaches and incredible rock formations: the Calanque de Piana.

IMG_4571 IMG_4564  DSCF4960

Short break in Piana for lunch and a bit of shopping 😉



At last we arrive to Calvi!!! It is located on the northwest coast of the island. Small and nice  city that offers a lot of good restaurants, bars, cafés, and hotels.  Things to do: Visit the Citadelle to get a panoramic view of Calvi and walk along the harbor, it’s full of impressive yachts.


And about the beaches…..

Plage de Calvi: 4km-long sandy beach with the best views of Calvi’s citadel.

DSCF5026DSCF5027IMG_4693corsica wine

and very nice white wine….

Plage de l’Alga: The access is difficult (you need a robust car)  and the secret beach is not a secret any more…

IMG_4762 IMG_4766

and very small, look!….. we are not alone!!!! it was a challenge to get space 😦IMG_4765

After 3 nights in Calvi, we went down to South, to Porto-Vecchio. On our way we stopped in the heart of Corsica, Corte.

IMG_4867 IMG_4876 IMG_4882 IMG_4887


Porto-Vecchio  Its called the “St-Tropez” of Corsica but I have to say it has nothing to do with St-Tropez, I can’t understand the comparison. It’s true that there is a lot of animation during the night, many vibrant cafes,  good bars and restaurants and designer boutiques. For sure, you are not going to get bored.


Besides, the beaches around Porto-Vecchio are stunning

Plage Palombaggia. Without a doubt, one of my favorites beaches . It can be crowded but its worthy to visit it, blue- turquoise sea, fine white sand……I thought that I was in the Caribbean

IMG_4979  IMG_4981


Plage Santa Guilia probably the most popular beach and the crowded one. You will see why:

IMG_5031IMG_5046 IMG_5049Santa Guilia

and the night life was not bad at all!

IMG_5107 IMG_5092

Bonnifaccio. My favorite city. Very special place and I will love to go back.Bonnifaccio


IMG_5167IMG_5180Bonifaccio-5IMG_5183IMG_5181 Bonifaccio-2

You must do the boat trip to see the city built onto the cliffs  and also to discover lovely beaches around!

IMG_5230 IMG_5246 IMG_5249 IMG_5297

bonnifaccio IMG_5307

Our last stop:  Ajaccio, we went back to south, our starting point.


Beaches have nothing to envy to the previous ones, they were as beautiful as the others and quieter!!!

Plage Mare e sole


Plage Capo Di Feno



In both beaches, I found girls selling bikinis and pareos. They walked along the beach, every time with different swimming suit and matching pareo to catch clients. They caught me! 🙂



Napoléon Bonaparte was born here and he is present everywhere: seafront statues, museums, street names, shops, restaurants….


IMG_5438 IMG_5439

Don’t miss the magical Sunset in The Sanguinaires islands


sunset Ajaccio-3sunset Ajaccio-4sunset Ajacciosunset Ajaccio-2

……and that was the end of our trip, bye-bye Corsica but I’m sure I will see you again

would you like to go now? convince? do you need for info?

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