A gift for him-What should I buy him?

Do you know what to buy him for his birthday? Do you always get the right gift?

Every year I have the same problem, what should I buy him? More clothes, more accessories, tickets for a concert?? What?!
Last year I bought 2 football tickets: Barcelona-Paris Saint Germain and he loved it but this year my mind is blank. I need help!!!
I’m making a list of possible Birthday gifts, this is what I got so far:

– For the ones who likes having people at home:


THE SUB®, de HEINEKEN® from 199,99 euros


Retro Popcorn machine  in amazon from 67,99 euros


Speakers Marshall from 199 euros

– For the technology geeks:


Watch QLOCKTWO 499 euros

star-wars-C3PO-R2D2-cles-USB-tribe star-wars-usb

Star Wars Pen drive in Amazon from 15,99 euros each one

– For the fashion followers:

zapa pull

ZAPA sweater 299 euros


Boots Minelli 149 euros


Zadig&Voltaire gloves 125 euros

– For the ones they care a lot about themselves:


Beard bag kit from Brooklyn soap company 57,7 euros


Clinique moisturizing lotion 32 euros


Baxter of California Box 120 euros

– For the travelers:

travel bag

LITE-SHOCK Samsonite 499 euros

toilet bag

Lancel toilet bag 295 euros

– For the food lovers:

mononcle_packaging mononcle_beach_1

Barbecue portable 270 euros


Gift voucher for a dinner in one his favorites restaurants

– For the sporty ones:


Winter Headwear DPS 35,00 $US


Tickets for the Rugby World Cup

Which one do you like? Any more ideas? What should I buy him?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. See you next week.


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