How to be stylish at home: some ideas

What do you wear at home? Most of us like to wear something loose and comfy, right? But are you wearing whatever you find in your closet? Old and broken clothes that you are not wearing anymore; or are you still in your pyjamas? You think that because you are at home you can not be sexy or stylish? What happen if unexpected friend ring your bell? Will you run to your room to change?

For our information, there is also fashion at home. Many brands (ZaraHome, Oysho, Undiz, Etam…) design clothes specifically to wear at home. Another option is to buy some basic items and add them to your daily home clothes.

Here I bring you some ideas to make you feel stylish but comfy at home without much effort and without spending a fortune. I added some tops, loose trousers and leggings; usually I don’t like to wear jeans; dresses (why not!?); ponchos to warm you up; and slippers. To find slippers that I like was the most difficult, because I don’t like to wear slippers that look like slippers (just me!). For summer I use flip-flop or espartine shoes and in winter I prefer ballerinas or boots like the UGG style.



1 Undiz grey top, 17,95 €; 2 Undiz red top 9,95€; 3 Undiz pink top4 Mango t-shirt 19,99 €; 5 H&M top 7,99 €; 6 Princess tam-tam pull110 €.



1 Undiz red trousers 14,95 €; 2 Undiz leopard trousers 14,95 €; 3 Etam jogging trousers 29,95 €; 4 Etam leggings 8 €; 5 H&M grey trousers 19,99 €; 6 H&M Jazz trousers 19,99 €.



1 Oysho dress 49,99 €; 2 Princess Tam-Tam 34,90 €; 3 H&M dress 24,99 €



1 Oysho brown poncho 49,99 €; 2 Oysho azteca poncho 49,99 €; 3 Etam poncho 59,95 €; 4 Princess tam-tam poncho 160 €; 5 Mango poncho 29,99 €; 6 Zara poncho 39,95 €



1 Oysho metal slippers 27,99 €; 2 Accessorize slippers 25,90 €; 3 Etam ballerines 19,95 €; 4 Zara Home blue slippers 29,99 €; 5 Zara Home metal slippers 35,99 €; 6 UGG shoes 110 €

What do you think? Will you wear any of these pieces? What do you wear at home?

Thanks for reading and see you next week!






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