What am I going to wear today?-ideas

What am I going to wear today?

Do you make this question yourself every day? I do, well not every day but sometimes. Now that the cold is coming and we need to change our closet here I bring you some ideas to combat the cold with more happiness.

I start with the dresses, these are the four dresses that I love, I still do not know which one to buy? What do you think?

antik batik-1antik batik-2maje-robeDRESS-JACQUARD-70-UNIQUE-VERSIONtara dress

Antik batik, Maje ,Manoush, Tara Jarmon

The knee high boots, this trend comes very strong this year, and this time I’m not going to leave them scape….

Kate-Moss-Snapped-Steet-Over-Knee-Bootsboots-1cuissardesjonak boots

Zara, What for, Jonak

What better way to combat the cold with a nice and warm coat, here some ideas:

Tara coatClaudie_51G1H15-100_H_2


Tara Jarmon, Claudie Pierlot, Mango

The pleated skirt, of course! Who doesn’t have it yet? Well, you are going to buy it right now!

faldafalda plisada zara

Topshop, Zara

The houndstooth mini-skirt, here two proposals. Personally I prefer the Topshop one, and you?

zalda graph-zara26K41IBRG_2_large

Zara, topshop

Jewelry, one of my biggest weaknesses, this week I discovered these  Zadig Voltaire rings and these Maje bracelets but my great discover is….. these bracelets from bijoux de famille, are they amazing ? aren’t they?? I love them!!!, if they were a bit cheaper I will buy all of them.

rind-2  ring-zadigMaje_H15SEMAINIER-0027_H_1bracelet-double-choker-dress-me-bangles-dress-me-

And of course we can’t forget  Balmain for H&M that will be on sale soon! The 5th of November. Do you know what are you going to get? I do, the bracelets, the T-shirt and the leather jacket. At the moment these are my choices…..and you?

balmain-pulserascamiseta balmain cazadora balmain

Do you like my picks? What did you buy for this season?

Thanks for reading, see you next week.



2 thoughts on “What am I going to wear today?-ideas

  1. I love those bracelets! great discover…I never find nice ones to wear! Thanks for all the great ideas…in my case I never know what to wear!

    Liked by 1 person

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