Calendars 100% beauty


With the great weather that we are having this month of November (at least here, in south of France) it’s hard to believe that it will be Christmas almost in a month time . Where you can notice the arrival of Christmas holidays is in the shopping centers, already they are selling the typical gift boxes with perfumes, creams ….. But the trend for December will be the Advent calendars and I’m not talking about the chocolate ones, but the makeup or beauty calendars! If last year some cosmetic brands had their own version, this year all the brands are joining to this trend. I really love the idea, 100%  beauty and 0% calories, what else could you ask for? A good way to start the Christmas countdown with better skin.

Here I show you 10 of my favorite calendars, but there are many more:


– Nocibe 19,95€ what includes? This cube-shaped calendar is all makeup: eye shadow, powder blushes, highlighter, eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish, bad for a little price!



– The Body Shop 125€. Here you will find shower gels,  eye creams, soaps, lipsticks, mini lotions and many other surprises to wait for Christmas with more style.



– Monoprix  49€. Apart of 18 nail polishes, you will also find, mascara, eye shadow, gloss, lipstick … A bit of everything to be ready for the holidays …



Sephora 39,95€: This is one has  everything: shower creams, nail polish, night cream, eye shadow, eyeliner, cleaners, wipes, face mask  … and many other surprises.



Asos. 27,99€.  Of course Asos could not miss this trend! The calendar includes lipstick, compact makeup, nail polish, lip gloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, pencil sharpener, nail brush …not bad!



Benefit, 48,95€. One of my favorites because the original design and because I love Benefit products. It comes with fewer surprises than the others, just 12 but with all the bestseller products of the brand.



Ciate you can find it at Sephora for € 49.95. Only for nails: a large-format pot of nail polish, and 17 mini pots. Also includes treatments to keep your nails in a good shape.



L’oreal 79,50€. Because we worth it! Here it comes with 23 different nail polish pots,  limited edition, only  900 copies!!. Hurry up if you want it.



L’occitane 39€: One of my favorite designs (like a dollhouse). It Contains: Eau de Toilette cream,  face creams, shampoo, conditioner, hand creams and several body creams, body lotions, oils and shower gels, lip balm, stickers …



Tanya Burr 35,25€. The Youtube blogger Tanya Burr has created this calendar that contains twelve  products from her own cosmetic brand, among many things includes lip gloss,  eyelashes and nail polish.

Which one is your favorite? I hope you will enjoy your calendar this Xmas.

See you next week! and thanks for reading!






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