Underwear for every woman

We care about what we wear but what about our underwear? You might not give much importance to the underwear but it’s important, and a lot!. If we wear it all day, why is not going to be an essential piece in your wardrobe? Doesn`t bother you to wear underwear that it is uncomfortable or it’s not the right size? Choose lingerie that suits you is as important as any other piece of your wardrobe.

Today we can find underwear for every taste, with any colors and style. For the ones who want to feel comfy, or more sexy , for the romantics, for athletes, to camouflage any little defect … good news, there is underwear for all of us!. Just choose what you like.


Wearing nice underwear is not only when you  go to the doctor, as grandmothers used to say, or for special occasions, we should wear it every day. Maybe we are not the angels of Victoria’s Secret but we like to feel beautiful under our clothes.


Here you have several proposals: from bodies (eg very practical when you carry a very low-cut dress) to sports bras, Victoria’s Secret  has released a new sport collection that I love.

I hope you like my selection:


image image image image imageimage

La Perla 373 La Perla 116  Etam 31,50Darjeeling 50€ Stella McCartney 80€ Topshop 38€

In Green:


image  imageimage

& Other Stories 29€  Topshop 10€ Princesse Tam Tam 44€ Andres Sarda 

The Red, maybe for Xmas time..:

image image CKred

Passionata 31,20€ Pricesse tam tam 40€ Calvin Klein 54€

Scottish tartan:


Andres Sarda (precio a consultar) Victoria’s Secret 33,33€


image imageV451377_OM_F

Huit (precio a consultar) Calvin Klein 41€ Victoria’s Secret 43€


image image imageimage

Intimissimi 25,90€ Etam 25,90€  Calvin Klein 47€ &Other Stories 19€

In Black:

image image imageimage


Armani 54€ Princesse tam tam 36€ Petit bateau 30€ Undiz 16,95€ Calvin Klein 51€



Victoria’s Secret a partir de 50,73€ Calvin Klein 39€

What do you think ??

And do not forget that tomorrow is Black Friday and there will be very interesting discounts on clothes, and that also includes underwear!.

See you next week, good shopping!!!


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