A look at the Goya 2016

Hi again,

One of my hobbies after any Gala Awards such as the Goya in Spain, and soon the Oscar, is to check all looks of actresses and actors at social networks. You can not deny  this is one of the things we like the most after these Galas! The truth is these Awards  should be about movies and not fashion, but like it or not, there is always a link between fashion and cinema.

In any case it is a good opportunity for everyone: actors, actresses and politicians to show off and I think they enjoy.

This year the level at the Goya has been very high, congratulations to all of them!. With few exceptions, most of the outfits have been great. Not only dresses, the jewelry worn by some of our actresses were amazing, we also saw a septum and ear cuffs.

Here I have made a small summary of my favorite looks and not so favorites . I hope you will like it.

The best look was…..

Silvia Abascal

Silvia Abascal!!!! For me she was definitely one of the best dressed of the night, although I have to say that this year has been very tough, Silvia wore an amazing dress my favorite designer, Elie Saab. Ten out of ten.


Manuela Velles

My second award goes to Manuela Vellés dressed by Cortana. She risked  with this flowing and mustard color dress and accessories in black.


nIeves Álvarez

Nieves Alvarez was amazing in this black and red dress, designed by George Chakra Couture



Juana Acosta as always very elegant, she was gorgeous in black, Basaldúa



Goya Toledo always right with her looks, this time in a Carolina Herrera dress. A highlight, the hairstyle and the earrings.



Amaia Salamanca, whatever she wears she is always gorgeous. This was a Pronovias design.



Leticia Dolera, Dolores Promesa dress



Cristina Brondo very Greek style in Hannibal Laguna dress


imageClara Lago with a beautiful asymmetrical design by Georges Chakra, seems made for her.


imageNatalia de Molina, opted for floral designed by George Hobeika


imageMacarena Gómez was also one of the most beautiful and elegant of the evening in this original dress Teresa Helbig


imageUrsula Corberó in Teresa Helbig doing an Angelina.


imageIrene Escolar arrived just on time to the Gala to pick up her prize.


imageA Very pretty and original Marta Hazas in Carolina Herrera New York.


imagePaz Vega, with this simple but elegant design of Calvin Klein Collection


imageOlé to Carmen Machi, she gave us a class of style and showed us that style doesn’t have age.  Amaya Arzuaga


imageThis Cleavage White Dress was impressive Nerea Barros in Stella McCartney


imageElena Ballesteros. The black and white is a formula always works.



I want to pay special attention to this punk look of Veronica Echegui, Emilio de la Morena sequined dress , amazing jewels and septum! Bravo for showing personality.


and the guys……

imageDefinitely,  Jesús Castro in Salvatore Ferragamo was the most handsome of the night.


imageDani Rovira


imageDaniel Guzmán


imagePablo Alborán


imageAlex García



Asier Etxeandia


And the couples:


My award goes to Aldo Comas and Macarena Gómez because they were the nicest and the funniest couple of the night. Look at his shoes!


imagePenelope Cruz in Versace Atelier and Javier Bardem were not the couple of the night because the lights were more focused on another couple …..


Isabel Presley

I have to say that Isabel Preysler looked awesome, she shocked me. She was in a Naeem Khan dress and nothing better than the Nobel Prize Mario Vargas-Llosa as assessories


What could have been better:

imageFor me Inma Cuesta was dressing like a nun in Teresa Helbig, I’ve seen her prettier in other Awards


imageBarbara Lennie in Jorge Acuna, I’m not convinced …


imageThe blanket is not a bad idea to have a nap during the long Galas, but not in a red carpet. Ana Fernandez in Ulises Mérida

imageAna Arias, I like her but I would have chosen another clutch, smaller and more party style


imageCayetana Guillén-Cuervo, sometimes less is more


imageMaría Adánez,  I think that color does not suit her at all.



Victoria Abril, the Jean Paul Gaultier dress is ok, we can save it but that jacket?? those glasses and that hair!!!!! OMG! she thought she went to the Carnival

and the worse………


Nathalie Seseña, no way



Miriam Díaz-Aroca, what were you thinking?



Elvira Lindo, I don’t like, I don’t like it!



Oscar Jaeneda another one ready for Carnival


and the award for the most horrible outfit….



Yolanda Ramos risked too much and crashed completely. And that jacket?

And that was my summary of the Goya. Which one was your favorite look??? who was your winner?

Next appointment The Oscar!

See you soon!


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