10 alternative wedding dresses

The idea of writing this post it came a year ago. It’s not that I’m planning to get married  but if I do I think I know what I will wear and what not. I’m not fan of big ceremonies and I really don’t want a princess wedding dress. Also I don’t have the energy to organize everything in detail and expend a fortune to try to make everybody happy. Two years ago, I went to a wedding in Greece, well, it was not exactly a wedding, it was just dinner and party. That was all, perfect!!!  ……I really liked the idea and it was fun and everybody was relaxed! Just a civil and simple ceremony and then a big party! with family and closer friends, simple but with a lot of fun.

So, what to wear for THE day? I don’t like traditional and classic dress, and I hate the idea of buying something super-expensive that it will finish raising mushrooms in the wardrobe. I admire Keira Knightley; she chose for her big day a simple staples dress combined with flat shoes and a tweed jacket. Ok, the dress was Chanel but still! It was a simple and nice dress that she wore few times before and after her wedding.


She was not the only one, others broke the rules before: Brigitte Bardot married Jacques Charrier in 1959, with Vichy dress designer by Jacques Esterel, not exactly a classic wedding dress for that time. Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn also preferred simplicity and follow their personal style. Other example of simplicity was the wedding of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy with John F Kennedy Jr. She will be always remembered for her minimalist style and her wedding dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez that it is and it will always be my favourite wedding dress. Just simple.   Here, I found some no wedding dresses that they could be your  wedding dress.

keira-wedding-main_2554789a image


Here is my selection of 10 alternative wedding dresses, choose your favorite:







Claude Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot



Sessun Oui




Paul & Joe sister

Paul & Joe sister




self portrait

Self Portrait


forever unique

Forever Unique Lilian 


H&M Conscious

H&M conscious

Which one is your favorite? Do you prefer an alternative or classic wedding?

See you next week and Thanks for reading





11 thoughts on “10 alternative wedding dresses

  1. The one by manoush reminds me of something dolce and gabbana would make.. I wouldn’t know what I’d prefer either, it depends on the location of the wedding also.. Like a destination wedding in Mexico. Definitely wouldn’t want a ball gown/ princess style there! So.. Yes difficult to decide indeed. -Zaychishka


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