Spring colors for 2016

Do you know what color look best on you? Not all the colors suit you and probably, without knowing the reason, you already have preferences for certain colors. But, do you know why? Well, the reason is because the color of your skin undertone. The different amount of pigments underneath the skin surface will determinate which colors suit you better or not. These pigments are mainly yellow, blue, and red but only the amount of blue or yellow pigments will decide if you have “warm or cold undertone”. If you have more yellow pigments you have “warm undertone”, contrary if you have more blue pigments you are “cold undertone”.

Also there are two types of cold undertones: winter and summer, the more blue pigments you have, winter undertones. And two types of warm undertones: autumn and spring, the more yellow pigments: autumn undertones.

All this is based on the Munsell system: Color me beautiful, I didn’t make up ….

How to know what’s your undertone? The best way, find a stylist or personal shopper to do what is called the color analysis, a test with color scarves representing each season. By a comparison test she or he will find out what type of undertone you have. The stylist will try different color tissues, comparing first cold colors (black-white-fuchsia) against warm (beige-brown-orange) to find out what type of undertone you have: cold or warm. Then, she/he will go into details to know if you are winter or summer (cold undertone) or fall or spring (warm undertone). Here you can see a video.

Only with this test you will know for sure what kind of skin undertone you have, but……

Here few tips to find out:

  • Do you have a predilection for certain colors? Which ones? strong or soft colors?
  • What is your natural hair color? Eyes color? Usually, but not always, Cold people have blue, grey, green eyes and they have blonde or very black hair. Warm women: brown, hazel eyes and brown, gold blonde or ginger hair.
  • Color of your veins? Blue or green? If the veins look greenish, you’re warm, if they are more blue you are cold.
  • Do you get a tan easily? Does your skin turn  golden-brown or does it burn? If you are autumn or winter you will tan easily but only autumn will turn golden-brown. Between spring-summer, only spring women may get a bit of color, summer will simply burn.


Spring: light peach, warm pink skin. Blue, light brown color eyes, chestnut or light golden blonde hair. Spring Colors: pale pink, peach, salmon, soft blue, soft yellow.


Summer: very white, pink skin. Blue, green hazel eyes. Summer Colors: purple, soft pink, lavender, plum, light green, pastel blue

VeranoJennifer Aniston

Autumn: golden brown or peach skin; brown, dark hazel, dark blue eyes; brown, gold blonde, or red hair. Colors: orange, green, brown, gold and yellow


Winter: dark color hair, charcoal grey, blue, bright blue, violet, emerald-green, black, black-brown, dark hazel eyes. Very dark o very white skin. Colors: Strong colors like blue, fuchsia, hot pink, Valentino red and black and white.

InviernoLucy Liu

In any case, to be 100% sure the best is to do the color test

Why is so important to know what color suits you? Because with a good color you will notice a glow on your face, a good color will enhance your natural beauty, rejuvenate you, it minimizes fine lines, and hides dark circles and blemishes… it makes miracles! While a bad color does the opposite, it will accentuate all your imperfections, a horror!

Also depending on the type of undertone you should wear different makeup and accessories. A cold women: silver accessories, pink based makeup, black eyeliner, pink blush. A warm women: gold accessories, yellow based makeup, brown eye pencil, orange blush.

But, which are the colors for this spring and summer 2016? According to the catwalk: rose quartz, peach, yellow, brown earth, sky blue, lilac gray, green and red.

And in the shops? This is what I found:

For sure red is the color for this season, this is the proposal of Maje and Sandro:

MajeMaje jacket



I also found a lot of yellow and green, the yellow is more like a mustard yellow, dress by ba&sh


and here the yellow, green and fuchsia together also ba&sh


Pale pink is everywhere, I found it in almost every brand, these are the proposals for Claudie Pierlot and Sandro


White of course!,  the entrance of  Zara was all white. But what I really loved was this bohemian white dress by  The kooples.

zara zara topthe kooples

Gray Blue by Karma Koma , electric blue by Mango or navy blue by Manoush

Karmakoma dressFullSizeRender-3

you are lucky if you like brown ,  these are two Sandro jackets

sandro jacketSandro_V6343E-53_V_1Sandro_V6370E-37_V_1

Black is a must for every season. Claudie Pierlot leather jacket and Samsoe dress


so now tell me, which one is your color?

see you next week and thanks for reading!!!!



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