About me

Who am I? Well, until last year, my career had nothing to do about fashion, in fact I studied Biology and I worked as a biologist and still it’s my main professional activity .


I’ve always loved fashion and my passion for it led me to start the training as a Stylist and Personal shopper. Through the Campus Elle magazine in Spain I did the course of Image Consultant and Personal Shopper and right now I have just finished the Fashion Production course with Harper’s Bazaar magazine. With both courses I learned a lot about the ins and outs of the fashion world and look at it from different perspectives: as an editor, writer, designer, photographer … but overall I have learned how to advise people depending on their physical characteristics, their budget; how to organize a wardrobe; keep an eye on the latest trends …. I’d like to put into practice all the things I learnt through this blog and I hope it will be useful for you in some way, either advising, giving ideas or tricks… I usually mention French brands such as Maje, Manoush, Ba & Sh … because I like them and because I have been living in France for 4 years; so these are the brands that now influence me more. Although I will mention others, either more expensive or low-cost such as Zara, H & M … because I believe that fashion is not a question of money but of good taste and know what suits you best.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do. Every week I will publish a post, here I will be waiting for you. À la prochaine!