What is this about? My blog is about fashion, beauty, life style, and fashion news mainly from France; country where I have been living for 4 years. I will share my favorites picks in fashion and beauty and where you can find them.

This fashion blog was born with the idea of doing something a bit different, not just another fashion blog. What I’m trying to do is to offer you something useful, help women and men to find their own style. How? I will give you advices, ideas, and a few tricks to learn to find your personal style without copying anyone. In my blog you will learn what it suits you best depending on the type of body that you have, where to buy depending on your budget, keep you update of the new trends and where to find them. You will buy only what you really need (or not but you like) or it looks good for you, so one day you will not find any more a closet full of clothes that you have never used. In summary, you will know what to wear every day, or in any occasion and you will dress with style (your own style) and effortless.

What do you think you? What are you looking for in fashion blogs?

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much I do. Thank you for following.


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