Black Friday: my wish list

As you know today is Black Friday and there are  big discounts everywhere.  But what to buy? And where to buy? I give some ideas in my new blog

Good shopping!!! 




The French Advent Calendars: 100% beauty

Do you Know the Beauty Advent Calendars?  I really love the idea!, 100% beauty and 0% calories. The best  way to start the Christmas countdown with better skin. This is my section of Beauty Advent Calendars but only from French Cosmetic Brands, Don’t miss it!



Liebster Award Time!

Hi everyone!

Thank you to hellaturnup for this nomination! I am still quite surprised but  very happy to see that I was nominated for the Liebster Award by hellaturnup. Thanks again! whoa what an honor!!!!


Here are my answers to all of the fun questions provided by hellaturnup

  1. Stranded on a desert Island? Three things you’d have witchu? Bradley Cooper (not a thing but I will use him ;p), mascara and sun cream
  2. What is your favorite plant/flower? Tulips
  3. Why is that your favorite? It’s said that the tulip’s velvety black center represents a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion. I think it’s a very good reason to love tulips.
  4. What do you read blogs for? Many reasons, I like reading blogs to learn about blogging but also to get info about fashion, food, traveling, and the most important to be part of the blogger community
  5. What is your go-to product? Boi-ing to camouflage marks or spots
  6. Why did you start your blog? As a hobby but also as therapy, my blog is my Little Word where I can be myself and I’m doing something that I really enjoy
  7. Your ultimate goal in life? Enjoy each day as if it is your last.
  8. What is your favorite genre of music? Depends on my mood. Recently I prefer electro music.
  9. What’s your pet hate in terms of other humans’ bad habits? My pet hate is watching people eating with the mouth open.

Done! So now I nominate……

5 feet of style

green hunter


 isa student blog


Here’s how the award works:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Provide a link back to their page.
  • Copy and Paste the award to your blog
  • Answer the questions set by the person who nominated you.
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My questions:

  1. What’s your favorite movie and why?
  2. What do you feel most proud of?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. What’s the one beauty item?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. What is a foreign language you’ve always wanted to learn?
  7. Tea or coffee?
  8. The worst gift you’ve ever received?
  9. Celebrity crush?
  10. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Have fun!! ♥


shoe addiction

First of all, sorry for the delay. I went holidays to the island of Beauty (Corsica) for two weeks and I tried to disconnect from everything, and it worked!!! It was a very good break…now I’m back full of new ideas and also I’m preparing a post about Corsica, I already added some photos into my instagram and facebook accounts, so feel free to have a look 😉

Today the post is about shoes, I love shoes, I don’t know how many pairs I have but I never have enough! Now that Autumn is coming I give you some ideas for the new season, if you are shoe lover this is for you!

-Granny and babies shoes


Bally 525 EU


Gerard Darel 210 EU

-Metal ankle boots


Mellow Yellow 110 EU


Zara 69,95 EU



Mexicana 340 EU


Zara 89,95 EU

-Animal print


Topshop 98 EU




-Fringe Boots



Maje Coming soon



Zara 139 EU

-Knee boots


Jonak 195 EU




-Sparkle boots


Zadig et Voltaire 380 EU


ZARA 39,95 EU

-Sparkle babies


Mellow Yellow 99 EU


H&M 24,99



Zadig 195 EU



Comptoir des Cotonniers 99 EU

-Slip On Skater Shoes


Manoush 259 EU


Carvela 170 EU

I hope you like my picks, any preferences? which one is your favorite?

Have a nice week and thanks for following. See you soon!!