Festival time, festival look

Whatever is your favorite music festival: Coachella, Burning Man, Glastonbury, or les Deferlantes you have to be ready because now starts the countdown. The first Coachella the 15th of April at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California and then, not stopping until late summer. The look that is imposed is the boho-hippie look and  already there are brands such as H&M or Asos have launched a special festival collection.

What to put in your suitcase? Denim shorts, t-shirts, loose blouses, hippie and white or  floral dresses, flat sandals or if you go to Glastonbury don’t forget a pair of wellies. To complete the look: sunglasses, a hat to protect you from the sun and many, many bracelets and necklaces Hipanema style.

These are my choices for the festival look. Which one is you favorite one?

Sea cual sea tu festival de música favorito: Coachella, Burning man, Gastonbury, o les deferlantes hay que estar preparada porque ya comienza la cuenta atrás. El primero, Coachella el 15 de abril en Empire Polo Club in Indio, California y así, sin parar hasta finales de verano. El look que se impone es el estilo boho-hippie y ya hay marcas como H&M o Asos que ya han lanzado una línea de ropa especial festivales.

 Qué meter en la maleta? Un short vaquero, camisetas, blusas sueltas, vestidos sueltos blancos o florales, sandalias planas o si vas a Gastonbury no olvides unas botas de agua. Para completar el look gafas de sol, un sombrero para protegerte del sol y muchas, muchas pulseras y collares tipo Hipanema.

Estas son mis propuestas para conseguir el look festivalero. Cuál os gusta más?

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I Love Sales: ideas what to buy

I’m back and with me, the sales!! First of all I want to wish you Happy New Year 2016 and  all the best for this year. And what a great start to the year with the sales!. Shopping in the sales is a great chance to get good quality items but also they can be dangerous, you may finish with a mountain of things that you don’t need or you are never going to wear. Don’t buy just because it’s a bargain!! and remember the most important: quality instead quantity.

What do you really need? Any basic piece to build your winter wardrobe: a good coat, a parka, suits, sweaters, shirts, a little black dress, jeans, skirts, pants, shoes, bags, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, socks and underwear. Preferably invest in quality and simple items, they will last longer and you will not get tired of them quickly. It’s better to have a good pair of shoes, rather that five pairs: cheap and bad (and they kill your feet).

I will explain in more detail how to build a good wardrobe in another post. Today this is my list for the sales:

-Coats: black, grey or camel coat, you choose the color and the style but you always need a good coat  for the low temperatures.

  1. Maje 255 € 425 € 2.  Zadig&Voltaire 339,00 € 485,00 € 3.  Antik batik 247,50 € 495,00 €  4. Manoush 328 € 655 €  5. ba&sh 238,00 € 340 €

-Parkas: today is an essential piece in any wardrobe, now you can find it in any color.

  1. Maje 297 € 495 € 2. Zadig&Voltaire 249,00 € 498,00 €  3. Claudie Pierlot 282.5 € 565€

-Leather jacket: everybody should have one, wear it with dresses or trousers to get a more informal look. Look for versions that are not too complicated and you will keep it forever.

  1. Maje 225 € 450 € 2. Perfecto Manoush 416 € 831 €

-Little black dress: LBD is wardrobe essential, you should have at least one. As Vogue  said the LBD is  becoming “a sort of uniform for all women of taste”


  1. Maje 147 € 245 € 2. Zadig leather dress 594,00 € 990,00 € 3. Manoush Lovely Bird 289 € 578 € 4. ba&sh dress 168,00€ 240 € 5. Claudie Pierlot dress  135 € 225 € 6. Maje ROBBY dress 172,5€ 345 €

-Not black but little dress: not everything is black or plain, risk a bit with the color and the patterns.

1.Maje  116 € 145 € 2. Antik batik 195,00 € 390,00 €  3.  Zadig 232,00 € 388,00 €

-Trousers: you need at least one pair, wear them with heels or flat shoes to create different looks.

  1. Claudie Pierlot 129.5 € 185 € 2. ba&sh 95,00€ 190,00 € 

-Tops: Stripe tops or with any different patterns, you will wear them with everything from jeans to skirts. 


  1. ba&sh top 110,00 € 220,00 € 2.  Manoush top Jacquard 146 € 292 € 3. Antik batik tee top 152,50 € 305,00 € 4. Antik batik 129,00 €  5.Maje 136€ 195 € 

-Shoes, my favorite item! black ankle boots, stilettos, sneakers, at least you need a pair of each one for every occasion


  1. Baskets Maje 136.5 € 195 €  2. Ankle shoes Maje 206.5 € 295 € 3. Stilettos Manoush 196 € 391 €  4. Bottines Zadig 318,00 € 455,00 € 5. Chiara Ferragni 177,50 € 335 € 


-Bags:  the day-to-night bag, clutches and shoulder bags, just a bit of everything

  1. Claudie Pierlot  162.5 € 325 € 2. Antik batik 180,00 € 360,00 €  3. ba&sh clutch 66,50 € 95,00 €  4. Manoush bag 174 € 347 €

-Underwear, of course the most important! Choose the one you like: comfy,  sexy , romantic or sporty.

  1. La Perla 82.20 137.00 € 2. Princesse tam tam 22,50€ 45,00€ 3. Etam 19,99 39,90 €

I hope you like my picks, any preferences? which one is your favorite? What did you buy in the sales?

Have a nice week and thanks for following. See you soon!!




Pleated skirt, Get the look!

Hi, how are you?

Here I am enjoying the good weather and nothing better than going for a walk along the beach. I can’t believe that we have such as a good weather in November.

Now that the pleated skirt is the new fashion trend, I rescued mine from the wardrobe. The one I’m wearing is Manoush, and I bought it 2 years ago. This purchase was quite an investment because since I bought it have not stopped wearing it, and especially this year! I like to wear it with a denim shirt or a basic T-shirt for hot days or turtleneck jersey for colder days.

Here I’m wearing a H&M denim skirt, the bag is Antik Batik, Ash boots, glasses Marc by Marc Jacobs and Hipanema bracelet.

As I told you I got the skirt 2 years ago but you can find similar ones in Zara or Topshop. Here some ideas to copy the look or what to wear with a pleated skirt.

Also this post will be the beginning of new category on my blog dedicated to outfit ideas and where to get them, I hope you like it.



image image  imagefalda topshop zara falda

Falda topshop 84 €                                 Falda Zara 49,95 €

boots ash

Botines Eden 150 €                              Botines Ash 199e

sac2 roselove

Bolso Antik Batik  150 €                       Pulsera Hipanema roselove 70 €


Also you can monocolor look proposed by Zara and Topshop:

zara-falda plisada topshop-jupe

image image imageimage

What do you think? Do you need any more tips or ideas?

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

What am I going to wear today?-ideas

What am I going to wear today?

Do you make this question yourself every day? I do, well not every day but sometimes. Now that the cold is coming and we need to change our closet here I bring you some ideas to combat the cold with more happiness.

I start with the dresses, these are the four dresses that I love, I still do not know which one to buy? What do you think?

antik batik-1antik batik-2maje-robeDRESS-JACQUARD-70-UNIQUE-VERSIONtara dress

Antik batik, Maje ,Manoush, Tara Jarmon

The knee high boots, this trend comes very strong this year, and this time I’m not going to leave them scape….

Kate-Moss-Snapped-Steet-Over-Knee-Bootsboots-1cuissardesjonak boots

Zara, What for, Jonak

What better way to combat the cold with a nice and warm coat, here some ideas:

Tara coatClaudie_51G1H15-100_H_2


Tara Jarmon, Claudie Pierlot, Mango

The pleated skirt, of course! Who doesn’t have it yet? Well, you are going to buy it right now!

faldafalda plisada zara

Topshop, Zara

The houndstooth mini-skirt, here two proposals. Personally I prefer the Topshop one, and you?

zalda graph-zara26K41IBRG_2_large

Zara, topshop

Jewelry, one of my biggest weaknesses, this week I discovered these  Zadig Voltaire rings and these Maje bracelets but my great discover is….. these bracelets from bijoux de famille, are they amazing ? aren’t they?? I love them!!!, if they were a bit cheaper I will buy all of them.

rind-2  ring-zadigMaje_H15SEMAINIER-0027_H_1bracelet-double-choker-dress-me-bangles-dress-me-

And of course we can’t forget  Balmain for H&M that will be on sale soon! The 5th of November. Do you know what are you going to get? I do, the bracelets, the T-shirt and the leather jacket. At the moment these are my choices…..and you?

balmain-pulserascamiseta balmain cazadora balmain

Do you like my picks? What did you buy for this season?

Thanks for reading, see you next week.


My weekend in Lyon

Hi again,

I spent the last weekend in Lyon. I didn’t read anything about this city, I didn’t look for any information or photos before the trip so I didn’t have any expectations, I went with eyes open and I got very good vibrations. It’s a city with many contrasts, different quarters, strong gastronomic culture and lot of history. I didn’t have time to visit all the districts, I stayed in the Vieux Lyon (the city’s oldest district) and I just walked all around this area.


The first thing was to find our B&B and a free parking in the old city! Mission impossible!! Luckily we found the last free parking space close to our B&B. We also found the address of our B&B but …….is it correct? I could not find any signs or anything that indicated that was a B&B and the entrance looked a bit scary.


We walked in, last floor without elevator (good leg exercise) and Olala!!! It is amazing!! I didn’t expected this!!!


Let’s have a quite look around the city and have dinner somewhere, I’m starving!


Next day:

Time to explore a bit more the city:

First, we found several open air food markets, this one was in Quai Saint-Antoine.

More info: http://www.lyonalacarte.com/?Lyon-Open-Air-Markets-Saturday



The whole city smells roses,  this year is the rose festival,  you will find roses in every square and everywhere! Every single bakery in Lyon  was outstanding.



Also I had a bit of time for shopping!


At night we went to La Chimere restaurant that it was recommended by previous guesses of our B&B.


And last day! I found the La Fresque de la Bibliothèque de la Cite.

Lyon is one of Europe’s most famous mural cities.


look at the first photo, no real! , it’s all paint!!!

Other recommended restaurants:


Where to sleep:



Les Lunettes de Marius

Fresh & Vintage

Pop and shoes


Les Trouvailles d’Helene

Les pin-up de Marc Curial

My outfits for the weekend:

Dresses: Manoush, Antik Batik

Shoes: Zadig & Voltaire, Havaianas

I liked Lyon , I think I will go back soon.  I hope you enjoy! What do you think about Lyon?


My spring shopping bag


I’m making my shopping list for the new season. At the moment,  I already ordered the Gladiator sandals from ZARA and now I’m looking for a Hippie-Boheme dress. Here, I made a small  recompilation of what I think it will be the new trends for this spring-summer and where you can find them without spending a fortune. Enjoy!

Leather Gladiator Sandals 

1667001131_1_1_1 1682001040_1_1_1

These ones are from ZARA, 99.95 euros

Pointed Flat shoes


Mango 34.99 euros                                          H&M 12.99 euros

The button skirt


American Retro 175 euros                   H&M 29.99 euros

The Flared jeans


Topshop 55 euros                                  Mango 44.99 euros

Hippie chic dress


Ba&Sh 230 euros                         Mango 109.99 euros

Floral dress


Topshop 72 euros                       Mango 34.99

Disney top


Sud express 69 euros                                               Mango 12.99

The Ethnic  bag


Mango 34,99 euros                                     Antik Batik 175 euros

Cocktail fruits


Manoush  292 euros                                    MSGM 265 euros

Espadrilles and platforms


Castañer 165 euros                                                   Minelli 119 euros

What do you think? And don’t forget to send me your feedback, please!!!


How to wear a skirt- help!


For this blog I’d like to have your help. I don’t want to write a blog about how to wear a skirt, I want the opposite, I need your help, I am looking for advice. My problem is that I always finish with several skirts in my wardrobe and at the end I never wore them or I did but I always finish wearing with the same top, same shoes, same bags…….. Boring! I need more ideas, I need your ideas.

Let’s do something different here, I will start with 3 skirts I already have and I will show you the way I usually wear them and then we can discuss other possible looks. I’d like to know if you like it or nor, or if you have other better ideas.

Here is the first one. I think  I bought it 2 years ago, and it’s Manoush, a French brand that I mention it already in one of my previous blogs. I like a lot the colors and  the mix of patterns, I love it!!!

IMG_0058 IMG_0052

I have already worn it few times and I have 2 possible looks depending on the season. Usually I wear it in Autumn-Spring time. Here, the  looks:

-with a denim shirt


-with a high neck pullover


Usually, I don’t wear it in winter because I don’t have any jacket or coat to combine it and I don’t know how. Maybe with a fur gilet will look nice. Any help here? The bag is Antik Batik a french brand that j’adore!



Depending on the weather I combine with sandals or ankle boots, these are from the Italian brand Ash.



This one is from ZARA, I bought many years ago and still I wear it every winter and I think I will for many more years, the snake pattern will never be out of fashion. Usually I combine with different black tops, this one is from Carol, and black tights. Bag Antik Batik.



Any other suggestions?


I combine with 2 different ankle boots (Mango and Ash).



More ideas?

The third one is from H&M. I think cost me only 20 euros! And everybody loves it. At the moment I’m wearing it with a simple basic beige t-shirt  or high neck pullover, both from ZARA.


I’m planning to use it for summer nights but still I don’t know how I will do it. The necklace is from Follie-follie.



And this’s it for the moment. I’m waiting for your comments, ideas, suggestions…. and I will continue working in the second part of this blog.

I hope you like it.

A la prochaine!